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Mall Exhibits Concluded

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This painting was sold to a couple who will move to their new house this month. They needed a centerpiece in their living room; they got it with this "Trumpeteer's Symphony".

The last of the mall exhibits concluded with a lot of people still asking for more last August 30, Saturday. Those who came for the whole stretch were teens, kids, moms and dads, students, and those who frequented the coffee shops around the area, they, too, viewed the mini exhibit. They all viewed Sunshine’s coffee paintings and the coffee photos from Figaro and the coffee and desserts books from Powerbooks. After all, it would not be a “Coffee & Desserts Festival” without them.

Guestbook on the second day

Renowned 'possitivism' painter, E. R. Tagle, also dropped by on the second day of the exhibit. That's his signature at the bottom part of the guestbook.

Sunshine received commissioned projects to work on other special subjects by some folks who wanted special pieces for their new house, new office, or new room. The guests were all candid with their questions on how the paintings were done, which Sunshine effortlessly shared.

While the exhibit was still going on in Manila, she has to go to her framers to have other paintings set for another exhibit that had to coincide with the exhibit in Manila; this one’s in Quezon City’s Gateway Mall during the event that featured successful culinary businessmen and businesswomen of Quezon City (Aug. 22-24). And on top of all that, she had to prepare for the upcoming workshop with the prep school children during their foundation day in Casa de Instruccion Montessori in Pasig (Aug. 22).

Here are some photos taken at the Robinson’s Mall in Manila. More photos will follow.

Truly it was a hectic two weeks for her and the rest of those involved in all her activities. Nonetheless, the fruits of all her labor was smashing. On the sidebar of this website you won’t miss her del.icio.us bookmark; it contains some, if not all, occurrences of Sunshine’s coffee paintings in online news articles, online videos, and webloggers’ sites.

Adoracion Plata, Sunshine's Tita Dors. She graciously manned the two-week long exhibit in Robinson's Manila where many of you got to know her.

For this reason, Sunshine extends her most humble gratitude to all who have been part of spreading her new “brew” to everyone the world over. She also won’t miss conveying her deepest thanks to all those who came alone or in droves during her exhibits.

The turn out of the show pleased her so much, especially that in Robinson’s Manila, that she also expresses her heartfelt thanks to the Philippine Coffee Board and all its members who directed her to the right persons to speak to for the scheduled showcase. The Philippine Coffee Board made her an official member during their talks sometime in July for her ingenuity in using coffee as a medium in conveying one’s artistic experiences.




(1) Some photos on the filmstrips were grabbed from the New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) feature coverage on the event.

(2) The superb filmstip effect is from PanosFX.

(3) And, not least, Robinson’s Manila.



  1. eli
    November 6, 2011 at 11:02 pm

    ang galing mo!

  2. jamie
    September 4, 2008 at 9:59 pm

    I am so prawd op yoo shiney!!!

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