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Between Coffee Breaks

September 3, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments




August came by with rain-drenched streets caused by stormy days or nights; but despite all that, the half-month-long exhibit at Robinson’s Place-Manila pushed through and the busy business of setting up and managing the whole thing from sun up to sun down became a matter of “the show must go on” rather than an “all in a day’s work” routine to all those involved.

Mona Lisa

We were surprised at how people responded to the coffee painting exhibit and the event was not bereft of any amusing finds we could not help but share.

On Day 1, as we were setting up the panels and mounting the paintings on them, a man came by, thin, barefooted, and unkempt. He was in his mid-thirties and one would know he spent days and nights on the streets. He was looking on as we went about with the set up. He came closer to get a clearer view of what were on the frames. Though a bit intimidated by his presence, we maintained an air that made him feel he was accommodated.

He moved around absorbing every artwork he saw. After he had his fill, he said, “Kaya din bang i-paint sa kape si Mola Nisa?” (Can even the Mola Nisa be painted using coffee?)

Intentional slip or what, he surely meant Mona Lisa but without waiting for a reply, he added, “Tawagan n’yo na lang ako pag na-paint na ni Sunshine si Mola Nisa.” (Just call me when Sunshine has painted the Mola Nisa.) Then he started to leave.

Marilyn Plata, my marketing manager, said, the experience was surreal. He did not come around any days after.



  1. October 20, 2008 at 11:01 pm

    😀 hey, somebody should’ve taken his cellphone number. you got a Mola Nisa drawing here already. Is that made with coffee?:) btw, i hope you can do exhibit here in Davao City.

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