Super, super thanks for all the well wishes !!! I am proud to be a Filipino!!! You are all part of these successes!!! Cheers!!! By the way, please include your contact details so i can get back to you for replies when I can !

Help me pray for humility each day as I continue to learn more from the complexities of my medium! 🙂


Super thanks also for all your overwhelming response. I never imagined coffee art can be accepted this warmly. Kids and adults can definitely try this at home — just don’t finish up your mom’s coffee supply. Haha !

I will try my best to reply to all your comments; don’t forget to include your email addresses. If I can’t reply to you in a long time, that would only mean I couldn’t find where to send my reply.

I’d love to share a few personal thoughts too:

TO 9-year-old VHIAN: I will give lessons some time in the future; do visit this site every now and then for some updates !!!

TO TONEE: Thanks for the kind words.

TO ORPHA: Thanks, this site will keep all of you posted on updates and anything about my coffee paintings.

TO PANDOK: I’m always proud to be a ‘PINOY !!!

TO MARY ANN: Thanks a lot.

TO SHARI: Thank you so much.

TO RUTH: Thank you. Keep visiting this site.



very excited! very grateful!

-sunshine plata

(coffee painter)